Hello everyone, please read:)

Hey there! I know that some of you have been following along for a while, but I will be moving all of my content to Instagram for now. Not sure if I will be keeping this page public, but for now you can visit @deamberxwritten and click the follow button to continue following my words.…… Continue reading Hello everyone, please read:)

2 a.m. thoughts.

Such a cruel world when you’ve been trained your entire life that comfort provides and being uncomfortable disrupts. Finding quite the opposite lately. Being comfortable keeps us stagnant in motionless moments that don’t contribute to the igniting light of our deepest desires. We are not told the true story from our parents that we can…… Continue reading 2 a.m. thoughts.

Desirable woman.

I think there’s something to be said about being desired. My days consist of men secretly pressing down boners so that I don’t notice how much I have them wanting me without ever doing anything or women judging me before I gracefully give them a polite smile in gesture to tell them hello; even though…… Continue reading Desirable woman.

the common good

yes you should be good according to the common the knowledge from all around the world may differ may suffer from the lack of but we all know good wrong versus right no fighting will suffice no peace without love that’s the common good the dharma within without good we all fall gravity can not…… Continue reading the common good