Moment to moment

Life’s a moment to moment thing

And I’ve been enjoying

Staying out of the way

And just staying here

I don’t want to miss what just happened

Because my mind has drifted

Once again

I don’t want to feel like

The kiss of life, was just pretend

I just want to be here

And feel all that is real

Embracing the silence

Allowing my mind to heal

Life’s a moment to moment thing

Be mindful, be still


As we are.

We spend plenty of time thinking that we are perfectly putting ourselves together in our minds. That if we hide away enough, no one will ever reach who we really are. That is all disproven when life brings you to people who will joust out the best and worst parts of you and yet they are all still true to the pieces of matter that put you as whole. It is also disproven when the same people opening you up are also the ones that accept you as you are. Those people are parts of perfection itself, keeping you when you needed to be kept and finding you when you needed to be found. But as we are…as humans, it’s important to remember that the human next to you is the same. To know that is to free your mind and commit your thoughts to loving who you are, so others will understand exactly how you’re needed to be loved. Just as we are, just as a human.

When we love.

There’s something about walking into a room full of people, and you’re met with the choice of pulling abundance from a rainy day or to join the party of miserable hearts. Those miserable hearts always seem strong when they’re amidst weak moments, but we should all know that as child’s play. We all know to choose positive over negative because we are well aware of the affects of it.

Maybe positivity equals love, and the more you give the benefits come back to you and to others. Maybe God is Love. Maybe that’s the answer. Some days I stare off and think “we have to be better human beings”- for nothing else other than goodness sake.

When we love, we could never come from a place of lack. And note that love could come in different forms. The form of, ‘I am here and I am listening’. The form of ‘let me love you because that’s our purpose’.

I feel loved throughout the day on multiple occasions. Can’t say I’ve always noticed. It’s truly as simple as the lady at the grocery store allowing me to go ahead of her because I had less things. Selfless and compassionate. I am always here for that affection.

So you really have to think, how can we use our words to spread said love and to become it?

Creative thoughts & Creative spaces.

If we are honest with ourselves, there’s no denying the lack of opportunity early on to enjoy our creativity without someone sprinkling their negative thoughts onto your goals of dreaming of something- other than being a doctor, lawyer, or working for the government.

Even for me, I watched both my parents go to college my entire life (and still are) striving for the highest degrees in the medical field. To save lives. To be deemed as noble.

I have always chosen to save lives with words. First, with words to myself through journals, writing meaningless songs about lovers I never loved, and with expressing exactly what I see around me even if everyone else is in denial.

Second, I use my words to the world. Blogging, speaking to people about topics that help me and will in return help them, and choosing my words very carefully.

There’s plenty of room for a creative mind. If we look deeper into professions that seem very cookie cutter you will see that many tools that are used came from someone who was creative. Someone who had to analyze the human body and what will and will not work for us. A psychologist studying the mind to aid a prosecutor into manipulating in the right ways. Pages and pages of words direct lives to make the best decisions with limited time.

When I go to work everyday, I almost always get to a point where I’m feeling uninspired. I question how am I helping the world, while brainstorming on ideas in my mind of what I would rather be doing. The idea came to me to start using these uninspired moments to get inspired! To myself I say, choose the thing here that drives you and how can you incorporate it into your end goal?

And that’s the thing. There’s an end goal that we try each day to reach, and if you don’t have that end goal I encourage you to daily jot down ideas until you figure out what you’re here for.

Creative thoughts are never a waste. We just have to take the spaces we are in and not feel limited to what it is presently providing us. A lack of things in an area gives us an empty canvas to allow new ideas to flourish.


I have never intended to do things mindfully more than I have this year. I write it all out, until it’s out– then I practice on letting it all go. I have never really payed attention to the flow of life more than this year. Everything is connected to everything else, and our focus becomes our reality. Even though I know this, there are still moments where I question why am I here. On some occasions I don’t feel like I’m here at all, but even that indicates there’s some slowing down that needs to occur inside of me. I am only one human, and although there may be a million things I can take on, doesn’t mean I should.

Yesterday morning I mentally broke down, but in a way that no one could tell at all. I stood questioning this routine of work, sleep, repeat and the people echoing that’s how adult life goes. As a hard worker, I’ve always known that working a job would never bother me too much. What I wasn’t aware of is that the kind of job you work is what will either longterm drain you or inspire you. In this moment, I felt drained. Uninspired by people buying an excess amount of things that they don’t need and providing despondency when they’re not able to get what they want. Meanwhile, I send them off with a smile and try to move along with my day without allowing that to clutter my brain.

The problem here was never my occupation, but instead my intention. I know that in two months I will be starting a new adventure that I could never fully imagine it’s life changing components. I have also been granted with the funds,space,and energy to make it all happen. Alongside me are a few incredible people supporting and motivating me every second of the day. Therefore my intentions for this everyday routine should be that it will be over in a matter of time, so find beauty in little moments while I’m here in the present.

These little melt downs always help me to regroup and to separate the things that matter from the things that don’t. My mental and physical health. My positivity. My frequencies projecting onto others. My love. They all matter. I also have to find areas of life that do inspire me, so that I’m not blaming it on a job or  ending back up with this feeling.

Setting daily intentions turns into bigger goals and dreams that bring me closer to my purpose. Doing things because they lead to something greater.


Vibrationally we attract the things that we want:positive and negative. Synchronicities always frighten me a little bit. How our minds can make things show up out of nowhere. I have heard several theories of maybe those things were there all along, we just mentally never let ourselves go to notice. Either way, I find being able to put yourself in the right state for it to occur is fascinating, and takes hard work and concentration.

Getting the things we desire honestly starts with staying in the present moment. I know that you hear that a lot. I also know that staying present is an intense internal battle with yourself at times.  But staying present, staying grounded keeps you from attaching to the future and the way that things could go. (Or as I like to see it, messing everything up!)

Noticing what’s actually going on around you right now, will help you to see that a lot of things you wish for are already amongst you. For me, there are certain objects or people that remind me that I’m at the right place and the right time (ex. finding a penny on the ground on heads). Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. But attributing meaning to things that I often see gives life and truth to all things.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

It came to me as I lay in the middle of my bed this morning, thoughts racing on how I’m going to spend my day off. I closed my eyes and rolled over on my side coaching myself to get up and make the day count. ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself ‘. Don’t take this simple decision and find ways to worry. Go get yourself the cup of tea you want, then afterwards go to the bookstore and stay for however long you want; reading books you can’t afford. Write it all out today. Take yourself to dinner or buy really good groceries and make a fulfilling dish. Take a nap when you’re tired. Do yoga or go to the gym and they both count as excercise. Your bills are paid so there’s no worries. You are lucky to be here, so enjoy. You are doing your very best. Self-care can be as simple as providing yourself with the moments to be alone and breathe. Silence feeds me peace, but being labeled as an extrovert doesn’t really give me much room to say “I just really want peace and quiet alone and I’m not necessarily sad about anything”. Working hard can weigh on your psyche and can leave an unwanted mellow numbness. I don’t want to be numb, especially as a person with so much feeling. Many things are going on around us, but we have the control on what we expose ourselves to. Although negative thoughts may occur, I try to ask myself “is this useful?”. I then find myself heading back to the center of what is actually important. Taking the time to regroup and separate today, and if you are feeling the weight then you should too.