Near the shore: last nights dream

Up ashore

I saw you sink

Your toes engulfed in sand

Near the sea

A beautiful day, the sun was shining

There were no

Crying nor whining

Nor any complaints

Just the patience to be

While the next scene awaits

It was no ordinary date

For it was life

A life we didn’t have to think twice

To live

We were nice and ran to each other for

The advice to go on

Those waves comforted us and sang us songs

There were only good days

In this vivid dream

And you taught me of love lost

And loves actual meaning

Near the shore

I knew exactly what you were

Here for

Here for me

Here for you

Just us two

Near the shore


Moment to moment

Life’s a moment to moment thing

And I’ve been enjoying

Staying out of the way

And just staying here

I don’t want to miss what just happened

Because my mind has drifted

Once again

I don’t want to feel like

The kiss of life, was just pretend

I just want to be here

And feel all that is real

Embracing the silence

Allowing my mind to heal

Life’s a moment to moment thing

Be mindful, be still


Wet and wild

Complete sublime

Young with a filthy mind

Could you play with me

In my fantasies all the time?

Can’t turn this off

Cause there’s

One line

That your lips

Can whisper softly near my ear

So I’m always ready for you


You’re here

Where’d you find

The passage to my waves

While being so far away

How you keep them flowing

Dripping without knowing

An ocean

You’ve created

And what do we do now?

Show me how

3 days before…

The silence in the early morning is a beautiful tease

The universal time clock woke me up

Sleep, decided I had had enough

I am feeling refreshed in this moment

And my mind, not much on it

Last night I spent an hour in Walmart

Just being among people

Just looking at things

Just figuring out the Christmas meaning

It never meant Jesus for me

It was always about the gifts

Because gifts uplift

They show appreciation

They’re a symbol of love

So we pick and choose

The naughty or nice

To the coworkers who saw you cry twice

And never said a word

You’ll pick gifts for them first

Because that’s what’s deserved

And then there’s the gift of time

To embrace those you haven’t

Seen in a while

That’s joy to me

That’s life

Joining us all together as vibrations

Are high

And the laughter that comes after

You’re full from excess treats

Nothing beats

Those short-lived moments

And I miss my mother this time of year

Wishing she were home

Yet another Christmas I have to figure out alone

But that’s just it

People are magically figuring it out for me

People are giving me that gift of time

At least I’m a thought in so many peoples minds

I’ve strayed a bit

But this year

My heart is confidently in it

So let’s celebrate!