romantic homes.

it’s a shakey subject for me and for most. we know insecurely that sometimes people become our “home”, and we’re not meaning to. not meaning to bother, to take over, nor to crowd. but, it happens. we go from meeting a lover, needing those hugs…needing the tight cuddles in the middle of the night… to…… Continue reading romantic homes.

Flowers bloom.

Flowers bloom Flowers bloom Flowers bloom Love is like Hearing your favorite song Playing from another room Love is Never in our own timing Fascinating how it Makes its way to you And to another With intention to join A river drifting to a root With promise to bloom Love you are beautiful You are…… Continue reading Flowers bloom.

good to the morning (excerpt).

There’s some good To the morning To the quiet To the birds chirping with serenity To the heat clicking on Then off again To the sun shining through beige shades To being entangled in Clean sheets To knowing there’s another day To see your smiling face To watch your dreams come true To witness mine…… Continue reading good to the morning (excerpt).